Our Clients

Alex Buoyega

Well, frankly I’ve been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember myself being an adult. That was why I resorted to using hypnotherapy, which miraculously has indeed helped me out!

Kenneth Richardson

As far as I was concerned all my life long, hypnotherapy was a fraud. But that was my stance before my friend referred me here and it cured me of my fear of heights!

Jonathan Christman

Considering that all my family has a long history of drug addiction, I felt like doing a preventive intervention is just what I need. So I went to this place and they helped me out!

Martin Gray

Since the times I was just a small child, I’ve been anxious about the smallest things ever. Considering that now I’m in a stressful line of work (NYPD), I figured I need an antistress hypnotherapy!